10 Gangnam Style Cosplay Music Videos to Drive You Insane!

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You know that song that's playing right now, either on the radio, on tv, or quite possibly in your head? That's called Gangnam Style by Psy. Psy is the South Korean music sensation that has literally taken over every corner of popular media over the last few weeks. You know that Korean invasion the Red Dawn folks were so worried about? It's already happened. Psy has shown up on the Today Show, Saturday Night Live, and the MTV Video Music Awards, each time showing off his frenetic, horsey-ridin', girlie-ogling dance style for the screaming masses. He's a living meme. And who loves memes more than Geeks - specifically the Geeks who bring those memes to life via their elaborate cosplay creations?

Here is a collection of the 10 best Cosplay-centric Gangnam Style music videos we could find. There are many more, but we had to have some standards. In selecting these, we chose clips that:

  1. used the original music as the bed
  2. mimicked the visual style of the original video with edits (not just a single jittery iPhone recording)
  3. used a variety of dancers and lip-synchers throughout
  4. wasn’t considerably creepier than the original (this was difficult to weed through)
  5. and, of course, contained cosplay

And now, in no particular order…

10 Gangnam Style Cosplay Music Videos to Drive You Insane!

1. Deadpool vs Gangnam Style by critiques4geeks

This just makes sense if Deadpool ever made sense. Being his obnoxious self, Wade dances his way into the hearts and eyelines of unsuspecting strangers throughout the town lucky enough to have him as a visitor. (I stress VISITOR. You don’t want him living in your home town. He’s just not that community-minded.)

2. Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo by NerdReactor

Last week’s LA convention brought out the cosplayers and the dancers. They weren’t necessarily the same people, but a few of them made it into this video.

3. Dragon*Con 2012 by Minhnhat

Considering that this Atlanta convention is pretty much a cosplay perfect storm, you couldn’t get out of there without finding someone dancing to Gangnam Style.

4. Hawaii Cosplay by Remyspetite

You don’t need a convention to give you a reason to cosplay and lip-sync to Psy’s ubiquitous hit.

5. Gundam Style! by spoilerphotos

I have to admit, the first time I saw the original video, starring an Asian man, I assumed he was saying Gundam. What do I know? Here’s a parody video to confuse the matter further.

6. International Cosplay Day in Washington DC by ValNika Vlogs

On Cosplay Day you go out in public dressed in your cosplay best. Yes, IRL. Not a convention center. If that isn’t ballsy enough, you dance with little boys on the mall of our nation’s capital to Gangnam Style.

7. Soycon 5 2012 by Hikikomorisama

On the shores of Schaumburg, IL, geeks frolic in the waves, brandish weapons in slow motion, and dance their asses off to music from an unlikely South Korean dance machine.

8. At the Dragon*Con (Parody) by Adorkable Bromance

Chock full of Dragon*Con parade and parade prep footage, this is the most outdoorsy of the many Dragon*Con 2012 Gangnam Style parody videos. This one is also unique because it has its own (English language) lyrics.

9. Gandalf Style (Parody) by ScreenTeamShow

Okay, that last one wasn’t totally unique. This one has its own English lyrics too, but they’re all about that grand ol’ wizard from the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit. It’s also mercifully half as long.

10. (another) Dragon*Con 2012 by ExileFayt

Last one, I swear. If you were in Atlanta a few weeks ago, showing off your best handmade costume and you didn’t see yourself in any of the other Dragon*Con videos we’ve posted, here’s your last chance. And, okay, this one has parade footage too. It also has something the others don’t: Bane smacking the crap out of Obama. Not sure why.


Stan Lee’s Comikaze 2012 Cosplay Video by whenwasthistaken

If you’re not ready to jump off a ledge by now, take a shot at watching this one last video. Consider it a palate cleanser. Whether this is your style of music or not, a palate cleanser might be just what you need after listening to Gangnam Style 10 times. Kick back and take in the beautifully shot cosplay found at the first ever Stan Lee Comikaze Expo (not counting last year when it didn’t have his name on it).
Music: Zedd ft Matthew Koma by Spectrum

And if you’re really daring (or finally insane), you’ll click PLAY on this mashup of Gangnam Style and Call Me Maybe, the previous amateur lip-synch parody viral music video classic from yesteryear…

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