1983 Nintendo Design is rebooted For 2014 Gamers at a Cost of $500

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Nintendo, no matter how many new consoles they make or new characters they create, will be remembered by fans of a certain age for their work on the Nintendo NES system.

Retro gaming fans adore this console, and many people directly associate it with their childhood. Analogue Interactive obviously had this in mind when they decided to bring this console back from our childhood memories to an updated console for today.

Analogue Interactive have taken the original 1983 design for the Nintendo Entertainment System and created a new console called the Analogue Nt, completely out of aluminium. They have also incorporated chips from both the NES console and its Japanese counterpart the Famicom, meaning it can play both of those consoles games. It also comes with four control ports so you can get some serious game time in with your nostalgic friends

Of course, All this does come with a cost, which is a steep $500. The question is whether consumers will want to spend that much on a system that you could pick up cheaper elsewhere. This will really depend on whether the perks interest consumers enough to purchase. Certainly the Famicom feature is a huge draw, and the fact it is made of aluminium will certainly stop any console deterioration. We don’t know as of yet if you will need to blow on the cartridges to get them to work, but we probably will anyway.  Analogue Interactive certainly thinks that the strong gaming element this console will provide will help to sell it to gamers. Below is a direct quote from their site explaining the reasons behind making this bundle of gamer joy.

500 nes console back1 600x203 1983 Nintendo Design is rebooted For 2014 Gamers at a Cost of $500

 500 nes console controllers 600x281 1983 Nintendo Design is rebooted For 2014 Gamers at a Cost of $500

500 nes console 3D control 600x449 1983 Nintendo Design is rebooted For 2014 Gamers at a Cost of $500

The NES. Often called the most iconic video game system of all time. Today, to experience its greatness, options are limited and riddled with compromises. The Analogue Nt sets a precedent. It opens a door to the highest quality way to experience the NES and Famicom. With a library of nearly 2000 titles, the NES and Famicom are home to some of the most significant games ever created. A rich and diverse history is waiting to be explored. We created the Analogue Nt to experience this pivotal part of gaming history with the quality and justice it deserves.

The Analogue Nt is designed around the heart and brain of the original NES. The Ricoh 20A3 and Ricoh 2C02 – the identical CPU and PPU used in the original. Unlike the knock off and emulation systems that riddle the market today, the Analogue Nt is the only NES on the market that is built with original hardware. This means you’ll be experiencing the NES with the hardware it was designed to be played with. Free of any compromise.

No blinking lights, lockout chips or region limitations. The Analogue Nt uses the identical controller ports used in the original NES. It has the original Famicom expansion port too. This means the Analogue Nt is compatible with the original NES and Famicom hardware and accessories; from the NES Zapper, to the Famicom Disk System.

The console comes in a variety of colours ranging from classic chrome to bright red, as well as adaptors and a variety of add-ons. The Analogue Nt is available for pre-order now, and slated to ship this summer.

Images: Analogue Interactive

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