5 Last Minute Ideas For Your Geeky Valentine

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Ditch those Hallmark cards and put the teddy down! Here are five fun and nerdy ideas for Valentine's day. Did I mention that they're inexpensive or free and, most of all, creative?

5. Artsy Cards

Print out funny fandom Valentine’s Day cards from sites like Tumblr or Deviant Art. They have cards that speak our language. Here’s just a sampling:
Sherlock, Hobbit, Star Trek, X-Men, Serial Killers, Walking Dead and Dr.Who

4. They’re Playlisting Our Song

Make a playlist on Spotify of songs you’d want to dedicate to your lover and share it with them on Facebook or any other social media site they may have. The cool thing about Spotify is that they have just about any song you can imagine! Even a multitude of soundtracks from movies.

3. Handcuffs are Jewelry, right?

Personalized fandom or quote jewelry for guys and gals. Because who doesn’t want a set of rings that say “I Love You” and “I know” or just about anything else you can think of that could be made by hand stamp jewelry sites like Foxwise.

2. Arts and Stars

Scope out local museums and art shows to see if there are exhibits that might interest your date’s intellectual interests. Have an observatory near by? Go look at stars.

1. Big Screen Romance

Movies! Lots of movie theaters screen romantic movies from classics like Casablanca to Say Anything to Back to The Future (yes, BTTF is romantic!). Hey L.A. readers! The Arclight Cinemas is having a great revival series for the Valentine season.

Image by Kate Raynes-Goldie.

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