50 Game Sequels & Remakes We’re Dying to Play – Part 1

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Now we're those types of gamers who are all for new IP's and original ideas. The industry thrives off of creativity and fresh concepts that people didn't even know they wanted to play. But nostalgia has always reigned supreme in this great genre of interactive media. The past video games we've all grown to love and cherish have kept us glued to our controllers for years.

We’ve engaged in many heated debates with our fellow gamers over this simple question – Which video game franchises would you love to see be remade or given a proper sequel? We’ve heard several passionate pleas for popular, obscure and underrated games that deserve another go in this or the next gaming generation.

We’ve compiled the 50 greatest franchise game ideas that would make a killing if they became a reality. This is just part one of an extensive list of “Oh my God, I wish someone would make these before I die!” video games.

Let’s all fantasize together, shall we?

psychonauts 150x150 50 Game Sequels & Remakes Were Dying to Play  Part 150. Psychonauts 2
The super creative team at Double Fine is known for crafting some of the funniest adventures we’ve ever played. One of the more noteworthy yet under-appreciated games from Tim Schafer’s group was the telekinetic platformer, Pyschonauts. There are fans out there that had a blast controlling Raz during his psychic adventure and we’re sure they’d want to do it again. This would-be project has lost its main financial backer, but we’re sure a dedicated Kickstarter campaign could make this wonderful rebirth happen.

legend of legaia 150x150 50 Game Sequels & Remakes Were Dying to Play  Part 149. Legend of Legaia 3
This PSOne/PS2 RPG series attracted fans due to its amazing battle system. You commandeered three characters in battle who didn’t attack with the usual sword swipe and elemental magic attack. Players entered in directional combinations that resulted in the type of moves reserved for fighting games. RPG console fans haven’t had too many noteworthy titles to keep them busy this generation. I think they’d like to revisit the mist filled world of Legaia and its intricate battle system once more.

The legend of dragoon 150x150 50 Game Sequels & Remakes Were Dying to Play  Part 148. The Legend of Dragoon 2
Sony has a whole bunch of forgotten, untouched IP’s in its video game vault. This super underrated RPG happens to be one of those beloved franchises. The Legend of Dragoon amassed a cult following thanks to its likable cast, striking graphics, deep combo system, and beautiful cutscenes. Each character in your party was capable of transforming into a powerful Dragoon that could dole out massive amounts of punishment. It would be awesome to see a fresh group of heroes do the same in a brand new installment.

mutant league football 150x150 50 Game Sequels & Remakes Were Dying to Play  Part 147. Mutant League Football HD Remake
Hey EA! What gives here? Why haven’t we gotten a brand spanking new rendition of this awesome football game? For those of you who have no clue about this classic gem, imagine playing a game of Madden NFL where the undead are the ones taking the field. Not only did you have to defend yourself from rival players, but you also had to keep wary of landmines and fire pits. Sounds awesome, right? The ref bribery system was such a dope concept back in the day, too. EA, lay off the FPS’s and RPG and get back to mutant football!

jade empire 150x150 50 Game Sequels & Remakes Were Dying to Play  Part 146. Jade Empire 2
The RPG devs at Bioware have done great work this generation. The Mass Effect series has become a huge success for the company and we know they now have the funds to develop whatever they please. Wouldn’t it be cool if they funded a sequel to its kung-fu inspired RPG, Jade Empire? The initial entry is renowned for its hard hitting combat, wonderful scenery, and expansive world. The games’ adventure unfolded over an epic scale that kept me and other gamers enthralled for hours. We know a current (or next-gen?) sequel would look incredible and expand the first game’s scale of adventuring.

legacy of kain 150x150 50 Game Sequels & Remakes Were Dying to Play  Part 145. Legacy of Kain Sequel
Are people still enamored by zombies and vampires? Seems like it nowadays. Gamers who still have a thing for journeys with the paranormal would love to see a new sequel set in the Legacy of Kain universe. The last game in the series cleared up a lot of plot points, so it would be cool to take on the role of a new supernatural hero/villain. Any cameo appearances from Kain and Raziel would make things even more worthwhile. We say keep the Gothic art style, crank up the gore factor, and make the fighting feel more visceral. After all is said and done, a grand return for the vampires should be in order.

power stone 150x150 50 Game Sequels & Remakes Were Dying to Play  Part 144. Power Stone 3
Fighting games have reached another plateau in terms of popularity these days. Capcom has a bunch of old fighting game franchises they could pull out of their back pocket and make a nice profit off of. The Power Stone series only got two games, which we think is just plain sad. A third game for the series is something that needs to be done before we leave this world. Falcon and the rest of his history spanning crew should return to their massive battlefields one more time. The multiplayer replayabilty factor for this sequel would be off the charts! An online version of this series would spike up its popularity once again.

eternal champions 150x150 50 Game Sequels & Remakes Were Dying to Play  Part 143. Eternal Champions 3
And here’s another fighting game series that needs to be revived! Sega has left this fighter out on the shelf for far too long. The Eternal Champions games featured some of the most eccentric fighters in any game, plus some truly unforgettable “Overkills.” The plot for this series was so absurd, but who really pays attention to the story in a fighting game anyway? I just want another shot at controlling Jonathan Blade. It’s time to beat the breaks off of Slash once more…

game 2 sega 150x150 50 Game Sequels & Remakes Were Dying to Play  Part 142. Comix Zone 2
This comic book inspired beat-’em up had one of the most innovative concepts back in the day. Players took control of Sketch Turner, a comic book artist who gets sucked into his own fantasy world by one of his evil creations. Instead of simply moving through a standard set of stages, players slipped through the panels of comic book spreads. It looked cool, the music was a joy to rock out to, and there was much fun to be had from beating up sewer ninjas. A sequel should definitely be in store for this game. We’d be first in line to play an HD successor that keeps the side-scrolling gameplay and improves upon the comic-book travel techniques.

vectorman 150x150 50 Game Sequels & Remakes Were Dying to Play  Part 141. Vectorman 3
True story: Back in 2003, a PS2 version of this series was announced as being in development. When people first got a glance at the game, they definitely weren’t pleased. All the charm and uniqueness of the original was swapped out for a generic protagonist who resembled a certain green “space marine.” The project was soon scrapped after word got out. Now that things have cooled down for this franchise, it’s time for Sega to bring back the great Vectorman. The lead robot’s design should stay intact and the features unique to the first two games should, too. We don’t know what we’d prefer for this sequel: a HD, 2D side scrolling shooter or an expansive 3D, 3rd person shooter. What would you rather play?

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