9 Minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness to Premiere in IMAX December 14th with the Hobbit

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As if you needed another reason to see the Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.  

On December 14th, moviegoers eagerly waiting to a trip back to the Shire will take a 9 minute detour Into Darkness with a 9 minute sneak peek at JJ Abrams’ latest Star Trek spectacle, arriving in theaters May 17, 2013.  But those without an IMAX ticket or an IMAX in reach aren’t left empty handed.  All theaters showing the Hobbit will get the first official trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness attached to the print (can we still say print if it’s all delivered digitally?).  There is no confirmation yet if there will be any stand-alone screenings of the 9 minute footage as has been done in the past with other films like the Dark Knight.

If you can’t wait another moment to see even a second of the new Star Trek film, here’s your chance.  JJ Abrams showed up on Conan a few weeks ago to share the first glimpse of the film, WHETHER PARAMOUNT LIKED IT OR NOT!  Such a rebel that JJ.

Post Author: Doug Kline.

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