Chew: Popular Comic Gets Animated, Plus New ‘Poyo’ One Shot

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It's been an exciting week for fans of Chew,, the comic book series published by Image, written by John Layman and drawn by Rob Guillory.

On Monday, Image announced that a one-shot starring what could be the series’ breakout character, Poyo, a champion cockfighting rooster, would come out in July. On Tuesday, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Chew would be getting the animated treatment – and that The Walking Dead star Steven Yeun (Glenn) would be voicing main character Tony Chu. Felicia Day, from The Guild is set to co-star as Chu’s love interest, Amelia Mintz.

chewsmorg cropped Chew: Popular Comic Gets Animated, Plus New Poyo One Shot

Chew’s Tony Chu — eating fingers is part of his life as a cibopath. Art by Rob Guillory.

Jeff Krelitz is set to direct, John Layman is the scriptwriter and an executive producer, along with Scott Boxenbaum, and Rob Guillory. According to THR, the project is thought to be slated “for a digital broadcast and home entertainment release.”

Chew is a highly original story that finds the sweet spot of sci-fi, political lampooning, raucous humor, and amazing, rubbery art by Guillory to bind it all together. Tony Chu is a cop turned FDA agent in a world where eating chicken is illegal. He’s also a “cibopath” – a psychic of sorts who can see the past of a person or object by eating part of it. Useful for solving murders, but gross considering that Chu needs to take a nibble of, say, a fingernail, or other remains. However, this makes any eating torturous, seeing the entire food chain, so Chu mostly consumes beets, which don’t trigger his powers for some reason.

The series is chock-full of other fun, fresh, quirky takes on ESP and minor superpowers, like a guy who’s kind of a Green Lantern when it comes to making stuff out of chocolate, or Mintz, who is a “saboscrivner” who writes about food so vividly that her readers can actually taste it.

Poyo, a bad-ass rooster that featured prominently in one of Chew‘s early story arcs, has already had a one-shot special, 2012′s Super Agent Poyo. This time around, it’s going to be Warrior Chicken Poyo, which the announcement described as “Layman’s and Guillory’s mad take on high fantasy, The Lord of the Rings, Conan, and with a dash of The Wizard of Oz thrown in.”

warrior chicken poyo Chew: Popular Comic Gets Animated, Plus New Poyo One Shot

Chew: Warrior Chicken Poyo, courtesy Image Comics.

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