A New Run of Doctor Who Serials on the Way from Big Finish

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DWNews.net reports that BBC AudioGo, the Audible-esque home for BBC audio books & dramas, will begin releasing a new run of Big Finish-produced Doctor Who serials in 2013 entitled "Destiny of the Doctors". This will likely be an excellent way to celebrate the Doctor's 50th anniversary as each of his incarnations will be the subject of an episode.

“Hunters of the Earth,” the first installment, will release in January. It gives us our first glimpse at what the First Doctor and his granddaughter Susan were up to prior to the events of the television shows’ first episode, “An Unearthly Child.” Carol Ann Ford will reprise her role as Susan; The Doctor will be played by Tam William (Holby City). Future episodes will boast more talent from the Doctor Who television series; who exactly is on board to participate has yet to be announced. 

In 1997, BBC Multimedia released a PC game called Destiny of the Doctors in the UK. It was critically well-received; it didn’t do big numbers, though. Perhaps the BBC figured the public had forgotten about the project or didn’t remember it themselves. Either way, it’s doubtful it will cause too much confusion.

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