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In print, on tablets, or online at GeekExchange.com, Geek Magazine brings you the very best in Geek culture, focusing on the fans, the creators, and their creations that are the lifeblood of the Geek community. Geek magazine was founded by Geek Media Ventures and is published by TEN: The Enthusiast Network, the name behind many of the nation's biggest enthusiast magazines in the automotive, outdoor, and audio/visual technology sectors. We intend to become a hub of geek culture, creating a passionate exchange of ideas, creativity, and community between us, our readers, and our subjects.

It's possible you've heard of Geek magazine before 2012. In 2010, Fusion Publishing; owner of GEEK Monthly, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection and ceased operations and is solely responsible for fulfilling any refunds. Geek Monthly was later purchased by the creative partnership Geek Media Ventures. GMV brought the title to TEN: The Enthusiast Network, which is the new publisher/distributor of the magazine. Geek Monthly was re-launched as "Geek Magazine" on June 19, 2012.

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The people behind Geek magazine and GeekExchange.com vary from an array of entertainment professionals to your average Joe or Jane writing freelance when they're not at their real job (or possibly during it). But each and every one of us are true geeks. While we may not share the same tastes and interests in every genre, we use that diversity to create a broad selection of views on all things Geek. See the Geeks behind Geek.

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Guardians of the Galaxy

Volume 3 / No.1
Volume 3 / No.1
In this issue
  • Summer Movie Preview
  • Exploring the Red Planet
  • 3D Printing in Orbit
  • Science Non-Fiction
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