‘Action Movie Kid’ Warms Our Hearts and Imagination

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James Hashimoto is the coolest dad ever - someone who builds on his kid's imagination and turns them into quick adventures on YouTube that turn his son, Daniel, into a bonafide viral sensation and super hero kid extraordinaire.

I remember as a kid playing around the house and outside trying to come up with crazy scenarios that would replace the “boring” domestic life I inhabited. My sister and I built forts, friends would come over pretending we were soaring through the air in the backyard as heroes or we all would jump from sofa to sofa trying to avoid a bottomless pit or molten lava that was spewing from the floor. I thought our imaginations were top notch in creating those situations. Apparently now with YouTube, this gets taken to a brand new level.

Meet Daniel Hashimoto. Daniel loves to play around with toys and jump around like any small child loves to do. He also wreaks some havoc with the help of his father, James Hashimoto. James happens to work for Dreamworks and makes some special magic happen with his son on some videos he posted on the Internet. Whether launching into outer space inside a fast food playplace, disappearing into water puddles at a local garden center or even visiting a toy store and getting a bit too playful with a lightsaber, some fantastic stuff happens that builds on both James and Daniel’s imagination.

They have a cool YouTube channel under the name Action Movie Kid that has gotten a lot of attention in the last month, with some videos topping more than a million views at the time this article was published. If anything, it is extremely cool and heartwarming to see a dad play into his kid’s imagination and help generate this world for his son. Below are a few of our favorite videos of Daniel in action, with the help of his dad, having some fun in some crazy imagined situations.

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