Adam Thompson’s Minimalist Art Shows Off Iconic DC Landmarks

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Artist Adam Thompson has used his pop culture knowledge to create his own iconic artwork, this time focusing on the landscapes of the DC universe and more specifically, the Justice League of America’s hangouts.

What makes something iconic? You could say that an icon is something the general populace instantly knows by name, or something that carries a visual recognition that gives it that status. Everybody knows the Superman logo, and Gotham’s protector Batman has an emblem that even casual fans would know of by heart. These images have become iconic.

Adam Thompson is most famous to art loving fans as the man who created a superhero every day for 50 days.

adam thompson jla 50 superhero in a day Adam Thompsons Minimalist Art Shows Off Iconic DC Landmarks

However, this is not the only look at the world of superheroes Adam has taken. In the series of artistic scenes below Thompson manages to take us through the numerous cities of the DC universe with ease. The artwork style for this collection is very minimalist and by setting everything at night, Adam has created a visually impressive look which shows some of our favorite DC heroes. The cities covered in his prints range from the sprawling heights of Metropolis, the crime infested Gotham City, the sprawling seas where Atlantis is hidden, Themyscira the home of the Amazons, the Green Lantern home world of Oa, and what seems to be a forest between Central City and Star City.

Below is the collection as separate pieces and as a combined piece which gives a stunning, if not entirely geographically accurate poster.

The attention to detail is excellent. You can notice that the items most associated with the characters in the piece are highlighted to really bring the characters to life, without much detail to their features. Adam uses the moonlight and night setting to make Superman’s trademark curl and S logo gleam, while Wonder Woman’s lasso shines in the darkness and Green Lantern’s ring lights the sky. Characters that prefer the dark or use the dark to their advantage are still kept in the shadow with Batman’s utility belt the only thing seen in the darkness while Aquaman looks quite menacing standing alone in the water, trident gleaming in his hand. Green Arrow would be almost completely covered in the darkness of the woods if not for the light from the Flash’s use of the speed force.

Adam has done other pieces based on superhero characters so if you like what you see here, then check out Adam Thompson’s website Graphic Justice, which has a selection of fandom based art for you to consume. But before you go here is another one of Adam’s pieces, his version of the extended Batman family for you to enjoy.

 adam thompson jla bat family 600x195 Adam Thompsons Minimalist Art Shows Off Iconic DC Landmarks

Images: Adam Thompson

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