Alien: Isolation Brings Together The Original Movie Crew In An Upcoming DLC Pack

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Just in case you needed another reason to get hyped about Alien: Isolation, Sega has announced this rather enticing offer. But be advised, it does come with a cost.

It took one very special video game (and likely a lot of pushing on Sega’s end) to reunite the cast from the 35-year-old classic film Alien. Yes, Alien: Isolation will feature in-game content with the voices of Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerritt, Veronica Cartwright, Harry Dean Stanton, and Yaphet Kotto, all reprising their iconic roles from the original movie.

Players will be able to experience the mission in-game only as DLC, however, which will be obtained by preordering the game. It’s very much a misstep on Sega’s part, especially the fact that you must preorder from GameStop in order to be able to play one of the specific bits of content.

The “Crew Expendable” mission allows you to take up the mantle of Ripley, Parker, or Dallas just after Brett bites the dust as you work your way through the Nostromo to force the alien out. GameStop pre-orders receive the “Last Survivor” mission, which puts players in Ripley’s shoes during the climactic finale of Alien.

Unfortunately, while this is all very much unique and original content that Alien fans will no doubt want to participate in no matter the retailer they end up buying their game from, it’s frustrating that it’s only going to be offered as pre-ordered content. Given the lack of success and panned quality of the last release in the franchise, Aliens: Colonial Marines, it’s a little unfair to expect consumers to be just fine with pre-ordering a product that they know little about, except from trailers and screenshots.

In this case, while fans win when it comes to digital content, they also have to succumb to the weirdness that permeates this industry when it comes to the cutthroat DLC market.

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Images: 20th Century Fox, Sega

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