This LEGO Recreation of Aliens Is Nearly As Awesome As The Movie Itself

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James Cameron's sci-fi classic Aliens has never looked so adorable.

Missing Brick is one heck of a talented LEGO builder, having recreated some of the most memorable scenes from Aliens with explosions, comic book-styled speech bubbles, and genius lighting that effectively captures the mood and ambiance of the movie itself.

Using custom figures purchased via Eurobricks forum user Blacktron, custom sets, and cleverly-built set pieces, Missing Brick has assembled one of the most impressive LEGO tableaus I’ve seen in quite some time. From the iconic yellow of the power loader to the memorable areas of the Sulaco, every aspect of the movie is expertly captured here in painstaking detail. It’s an impressive testament to what you can accomplish when you truly love something.

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My personal favorite has to be Vasquez and the comic book bubble speech you see near the end of the Flickr set. The setup to the joke, expressions on the minifig faces, and the delivery of the punchline are spot on, as if it was ripped directly from the movie itself and transposed onto LEGO pieces. It’s impressive, to say the least. I’m lucky to be able to build a LEGO “skyscraper.”

Unfortunately, these aren’t official sets by any means, but who needs those when you’ve got so many creative and talented LEGO fans out there willing to recreate scenes like this like rabid perfectionists?

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Missing Brick hasn’t only tackled Aliens, either. This Flickr member has tackled cars, Lord of the Rings, and other fantastic-looking LEGO creations. Why hasn’t LEGO brought them on-board yet? Your guess is as good as mine.

While you check out this massive collection of Aliens goodness, get hyped for the upcoming Alien: Isolation with our list of ten sweet pieces of Alien merchandise, and be sure to let us know how you’re getting ready for the upcoming game and sequel to Prometheus in the comments below or join the discussion on the GEEK Facebook page!

Images: 20th Century Fox, Missing Brick

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