All-New Man of Steel Trailer – Zod! Jor-El! Lois! Krypton! Superman?

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This is looking almost too good for words. It's still darker than you'd expect for a Superman film, but I'm starting to appreciate the realism, the weight of the world a boy named Clark Kent, secretly Kal-El, has been thrust into.

It starts out with the devastation of Krypton in a way we’ve never fully seen before in any incarnation of the Superman mythos outside of the comics. Thankfully, Russell Crowe as Jor-El doesn’t sing a note as he tragically gives up his son to the stars. And from there, it’s actually a Superman film with earth shattering physical obstacles that could actually be a challenge. But it definitely also has emotional elements as Clark and Pa Kent (Kevin Costner) struggle with the young alien growing up and hiding his secret. Clark is the answer to “are we alone in the universe?” And Pa knows that anyone who knows that secret could be in grave danger, especially his adopted son, regardless of his power. Of course, as soon as Zod (Michael Shannon) shows up, everyone apparently learns the answer to the alone in the universe question and there’s no reason for Clark to hide anymore. Counteracting all of the dark, heavy stuff is a small humorous moment at the end with Lois Lane (Amy Adams) interviewing our hero about the nature of the “S” on his suit.

I know trailers are always full of the good bits, and we’ve been getting a lot of great ones lately (Catching Fire, Star Trek Into Darkness), but here’s hoping that these trailers are only a hint at the greatness to come. They don’t need to make anymore Man of Steel trailers. I’m sold. I’m afraid if they show anymore footage, the mystery of Superman will be spoiled. Bet you never thought you’d read the words “mystery” and “Superman” in the same sentence before, did ya?

Man of Steel, starring Henry Cavill, arrives in theaters June 14th.

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