Amazon To Deliver Your Goods Via Drones

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Brace yourselves world, Amazon is on its way to transforming into Skynet with a new love of drone delivery.

On Sunday, just before the Cyber Monday craziness, Amazon delivered news that Prime Air will be the next big thing. What’s Prime Air, you ask? It’s a new delivery system that will transport the item you ordered from the warehouse to your doorstep within 30 minutes, all courtesy of an unmanned aerial death machine drone.

Amazon released a video to best illustrate the example in case my description was not capable enough. In the 80-second video, Amazon shows the ordering of the device via the Prime Air option, followed up with the placing of the item in a secure box at the fulfillment center, the drone picking it up, elegantly gliding through the fields while spooking birds and confusing superstitious townfolk, then dropping it off at the customer’s doorstep like it was nothing at all.

On the Amazon website, they state that they plan on accelerating this type of delivery system so that it becomes just as common to get an air drone drop off as it is to get a mail truck to deliver your favorite Amazon goods. Air Prime was developed in their R&D lab and is still years away from taking off. The initial goal is for items 5 pounds or less, so we won’t be seeing flying treadmills or game consoles struggling to get to the destination.

Getting the FAA to sign off and the technology developed to the point where this would be a cost effective option would be the next stop, however far away that may be. Amazon believes that Air Prime will be become the next big thing by 2015, presuming the FAA will have the regulations in place, so maybe drones flying overhead will be a sign of the times.

Or the end of the world…

What are your thoughts on Amazon’s plan to develop Air Prime? Let us know in the comments section below!

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