AMC Names New Showrunner for The Walking Dead

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Fans of AMC's The Walking Dead may breathe a sigh of relief; for now, at least. Yesterday, the network officially named soon-to-be ousted showrunner Glen Mazzara's replacement - Scott Gimple, who has written and executive produced the show since its second season.

Mazzara will stay with the show until post-production work is completed on the second half of season three. After that, Gimple will be handed the reigns. What does that mean for the show? Well, possibly that it’ll be a bit more exciting. Two of his episodes – “Save the Last One” and “Pretty Much Dead Already” – are amongst the show’s best. He wrote for NBC’s Life as well, which was a great show that not enough people watched (do yourself and Netflix it, kids). OK, now that I mentioned his good credits, I must mention the bad: Ghostwriter: Spirit of Vengeance. I think we shouldn’t hold that last one against him, though; he has done SOME good work.

The Walking Dead doesn’t have the best history with showrunners. Frank Darabont, whom the show wouldn’t exist without, was let go for an undisclosed reason. Mazzara allegedly had an “amicable” parting with the production; however, many believed that it wasn’t a friendly divorce. Will Gimple have better luck? Only time will tell.

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