Preacher Gets Another Chance as AMC Orders a Pilot Episode

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AMC is in the works to bring the DC/Vertigo comic property Preacher to the small screen thanks to the work of none other than actor Seth Rogan.

Preacher was a hit series from creators Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon that helped define the genre-busting Vertigo line of comics. Preacher told the tale of former priest Jesse Custer, who serves as a vessel for Genesis, a child of a Demon and an Angel. He is granted the powerful ‘Word of God’, which enables him to force anyone to do anything with his voice. Jesse, accompanied with his ex-girlfriend Tulip and newfound friend and vampire Cassidy, go looking for God to make him atone for abandoning his creations. Along the way they encounter a number of evil and disturbing foes, along with memorable characters like Herr Starr and Arseface.

Preacher Group 600x337 Preacher Gets Another Chance as AMC Orders a Pilot Episode

Many know Rogen from his work on The Green Hornet and This is the End (among countless others), but few had pegged him as Preacher‘s savior from development hell. The concept has been bouncing around Tinsel Town since the late ’90s with names like Sam Mendez, the Weinstein Company, and Kevin Smith attached. At one point James Marsden was rumored as the lead in a production that was abandoned due to budget concerns. Later on even HBO was considering taking a crack at the show until they decided it was too controversial and sold the film rights to Colombia Pictures in 2008. At first blush Rogen doesn’t necessarily seem like the perfect fit for the project but if rumors are true, AMC has ordered a pilot from him and his collaborator Evan Goldberg.

Many are speculating that the hyper violent and often blasphemous series would be the perfect accompaniment to The Walking Dead since Breaking Bad is over, and with Mad Men following suit the cable channel is looking to fill the rating void. Certainly Preacher would be a welcome addition to their Sunday night line up if properly done.

Do you think AMC would provide a good fit for a Preacher series? Does the inclusion of Rogen and Goldberg excite or disappoint? Let us know in the comments section below.

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