Among The Sleep Pits Toddler Against a Scary House

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Generally, kids are afraid of what goes on in their homes when the lights go out. Now that fear has been catalogued and represented in video game form.

Among The Sleep by Killbrite Studio is the new video game set to take the survival horror video game genre by storm, with a main character that is unusual and unique, especially for this genre. The character is a toddler, all set for sleep in their onesie.

Instead of going to sleep, though, this toddler will be wandering through a scary house, fighting eight-foot-tall monsters with eyes that glow. Even when you’re not facing the monsters, you’ll be facing your own fears thanks to the intense lighting and atmosphere. It’s so ingenious to make a horror game centered around how a child views the world that it’s actually surprising no one has thought of this as a video game angle before. The first gameplay teaser was released almost two years ago as a work in progress, which is below.

Uproxx said that when they played the alpha version of the game in 2013, they were disturbed by it even without the monsters - back then, the game was just several puzzles. But the puzzles are also tough to beat, so you’re in for hours of haunting and mind-bending gameplay. For the serious gamers, Among The Sleep will be able to support the Oculus Rift virtual reality headsets, so the horror will be all up in your face instead of just on the screen. the second teaser below shows what is sure to be a very tense moment of the game.

Among The Sleep is expected to be released this spring, but if you want to make sure you’ve got your copy, you might want to pre-order it.

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