Ground Zeroes Email May Hint at Release For Phantom Pain

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An automated email that confirms players' registration to Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes may have revealed the release window for The Phantom Pain.

When Reddit user Hitzkolpf registered his copy of MGS: Ground Zeroes he received a confirmation email thanking him for registering and reminding him to return in ‘early 2015′ to claim his DLC, leading many to believe The Phantom Pain will be released at that time.

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This is based on earlier news that players who pre-ordered Ground Zeroes would receive bonus DLC for The Phantom Pain. From VG24/7:

“Konami confirmed that the Mother Base format is central to Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain and that Ground Zeroes pre-order customers will receive DLC codes for bonus staff inside the game box, while digital editions will grant access the content automatically once you load up The Phantom Pain. The codes also unlock undisclosed bonus items.”

The logical conclusion is that The Phantom Pain‘s DLC would become available at the same time as the full game, thus the early 2015 launch window rumor, but it’s not exactly a bulletproof theory. For one, it’s not explicitly clear that the DLC referenced in the email is the same content mentioned above – This could be additional gameplay for Ground Zeroes, after all. It’s also not out of the question for the codes to be sent out before the game.

Ground Zeroes, which released this week, also features content that will carry-over into The Phantom Pain. This was announced alongside news that Konami would be putting out an Android/iOS companion app for Ground Zeroes called iDROID, allowing players to access additional information and maps without blocking the action with an on-screen menu, and a reduced price for physical retail copies of the game.

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All in all, Ground Zeroes is turning out to be much more than an isolated 2-hour demo to pass the time until the official Metal Gear Solid‘s release. Whether The Phantom Pain drops in the first or fourth quarter of 2015, fans will have a lot to do in Cuba’s black site. 

GEEK will stay up to date on any Metal Gear Solid V news to come, so stay tuned.

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