Animated Sherlock Ruins Your Favorite Television Shows

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With the second Hobbit movie recently hitting cinemas, Star Trek: Into Darkness out on home screens, and brand new Sherlock episodes coming on the small screen in the UK (and soon to hit US screens), it's a great time to be a Benedict Cumberbatch fan.

But how much fun would it really be to hang around with Benedict’s most famous creation? Of course Sherlock is incredible, but would he really be the type to make you a cup of tea or enjoy some evening television with? Well, the YouTube channel, Only Leigh, has taken one of these problems on board and created a great little animation short showing what Sherlock and John Watson are like when settling down for a spot of telly…

I love the cheeky nature of this animated short, with Sherlock rushing through some of the hottest TV shows out there, ruining all the endings as he goes along. I am a bit behind myself and had to cover my ears during the Breaking Bad segment. The ending actually, in a way links into a joke in the first episode of the new Sherlock series, and is also probably on a lot of peoples’ slash fiction lists.

only leigh sherlock animated leigh Animated Sherlock Ruins Your Favorite Television Shows

Only Leigh is the lady behind this work and even though she only has a dozen or so videos to her name, her love of all things fandom shine through. Below is one of the videos starring her animated self and how hard it can be to be a geek girl, while the next video shows it’s not just Sherlock she loves.

If you like these little videos then be sure to check her YouTube channel for more of the same. Her humorous, yet always positive view on pretty much any fandom item she turns her hand to is always a welcome change and great for those days when the blues sets in.

Images: Only Leigh YouTube Channel

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