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Attack On Titan is the next big thing, and we don't just mean the man-eating giants that terrorize this anime.

Producer George Wada, founder and president of WIT studio, was on hand at Anime Expo 2013 in Los Angeles on July 6 to show off his largest project yet – Attack On Titan. Wada has worked on some of our favorite anime series of the last couple of years including Guilty CrownRobotics;Notes and PSYCHO-PASS, so we were naturally excited to see what new series he had cooked up for us.

Based on the manga of the same name, Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese), tells the story of humankind’s fight for survival against mindless man-eating giants that roam the world, devouring whatever people they can find. Shielded by protective walls that surround their cities, most people have become complacent to the dangers of the Titans and live life without fear. That is until, one day, a mysterious Titan, one larger than any other encountered before, shows up and starts knocking down walls. The loss of the walls leads to terrifying deaths (think being eaten alive) by Titan. With what little power man has against these monsters, can the last remaining military forces defend the people against these giants?

We highly recommend checking out this series for those who enjoy anime that is beautifully rendered, grand in scale, features well thought out characters, and has an exciting and yet terrifying story that is accompanied by music that would fit in a large budget Hollywood blockbuster. This anime is definitely the next big thing. Best of all, all 13-episodes of the first season of this groundbreaking anime series is currently streaming on, waiting for you to devour right now.

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