Aquaman Getting Secondary Series & Wally West Finally Arrives in the New 52!

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Aquaman's popularity continues to rise as he gets a new series, and new Flash creators tease the appearance of Wally West in the New 52!

For the first time in DC Comics history, we will see the launch of a secondary series featuring the Aquaman family of characters, further establishing his role as one of the premier characters in the New 52. While this new thought that Aquaman may finally be cool enough to carry more than one series is in large part due to his ‘rebirth’ at the hands of Geoff Johns. This new series – titled Aquaman and the Others – debuts only after Johns left the parent title.

Aquaman and the Others 1 Aquaman Getting Secondary Series & Wally West Finally Arrives in the New 52!Aquaman and the Others will focus on Aquaman’s first team from long before the Justice League, known as the Others, in the present day. Written by Dan Jurgens with art by Lan Medina and Ed Tadeo, the opening storyline sees the Others hunted for the Atlantean artifacts that give them their powers. While this storyline does seem a little similar to the one that introduced the team in Aquaman, it’s still too early to judge. However, the sheer fact that DC is putting some faith in the character and releasing a secondary series – something characters like Wonder Woman or Flash haven’t received – is interesting enough to encourage sales of the title in April.

And speaking (briefly) of Flash, it looks like the long awaited arrival of Wally West in the New 52 is finally here! With a new creative team taking over The Flash in April with issue 30, announcements are already being made concerning the fan-favorite character. Robert Venditti and Van Jensen (Green Lantern Corps) and Brett Booth will be taking over the series from Francis Manapul and Brian Buccelleto (who are moving over to Detective Comics), and have promised to “reintroduce Wally West” in the pages of The Flash Annual #3.

No further details were released, but some fans of the character rejoiced while other fans complained about the artist, because that’s just how comic fans are. Personally, I can’t wait to see Wally again, who was totally Screwed Over as a Loser of the New 52. While nothing has officially been released featuring Wally, the cover to The Flash Annual #3 does feature a blue version of Flash that some have been assuming is Wally West.

The Flash Annual 3 600x918 Aquaman Getting Secondary Series & Wally West Finally Arrives in the New 52!

We will unfortunately have to wait until April for more Aquaman and the Others, and the return of Wally West in The Flash Annual #3!

Do you think Aquaman can carry two titles successfully? Are you excited for Wally West’s first appearance in the New 52? Let us know in the comments section below!

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