Archer Vice: Doctor Krieger’s Super Launch Code

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Anyone who has been watching the fifth season of Archer is no doubt a better person for the experience.

Archer Vice has given us a plethora of awesome, ranging from the Smokey and the Bandit spoof to Pam’s coke-fueled rage to Cherlene’s “Outlaw Country!”, this season has been incredibly strong. But the gag that might be my favorite is the Krieger clones – Clone Bone!

clone bone Archer Vice: Doctor Kriegers Super Launch Code

In the latest episode, Dr. Krieger battles it out with his three clones who decide they wan’t to launch a massive nerve gas attack. As our unlikely hero tries to do the right thing and stop the missile, we get a glimpse of the launch code – 55 55 44 44 4C 52 4D 52 42 41

Now while that might not look like much to the naked eye, when you run it through a hexadecimal text decoder (because why wouldn’t you do that) you get a rather familiar code in its place…

krieger launch code 1 600x1139 Archer Vice: Doctor Kriegers Super Launch Code

This was posted on Reddit (obviously), and then confirmed by Mike Paterson, who is an animator on Archer. I kind of want to play Contra now…

Images: FX, Imgur

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