Archer Season 5 and the ISIS Human Resource Training Videos

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Can't wait for the next season of FX's animated spy comedy Archer?

Well here are a few new videos to tide you over. One has Sterling Archer showing us the importance of gun safety and the other shows ISIS’s own HR maven Pam (with a bit of assist from Dr. Krieger) how to deal with “conflict management” in the workplace.

The first clip answers the question if ISIS agents get to carry guns. Sterling provides the answer, a gun in one hand and drink in the other. Of course things do not go well for Brett…

Long time viewers will recall Brett gets accidentally shot quite often.

Pam’s clip is a sort of return to the basics for show creator Adam Reed (Sealab 2021, Frisky Dingo) who started his career at Adult Swim doing an edgy puppet show. Pam tried to show us how to deal with a disruptive co-worker via the magic of puppetry but finds the hurtful little doll’s antagonizing behavior a bit too much to take. Kreiger appears with his own far less offensive puppet and shows us the meaning of self love.

Described as “James Bond meets Arrested Development” Archer is a brilliant spoof of spy films turning old tropes upside down and inside out. The show’s quick witted albeit profane dialogue, adult situations, and spy action has garnered it much acclaim in the comedy world earning several award nominations.

Season 5 of Archer will return to FX on January 13, 2014. And just for good measure – the Danger Zone..

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