Arnold Schwarzenegger Returns for The Legend of Conan

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Arnold Schwarzenegger never said “I’ll be back” as Conan the Barbarian. Despite that, news broke yesterday (hat tip, Deadline) that plans were in place for him to reprise his role as the Robert E. Howard’s mythical warrior. The new film, The Legend of Conan, will be released in 2014 from Universal Pictures.

The 2011 Conan reboot and 1984’s Conan the Destroyer will be completely ignored by Legend. It will, according to producer Frederik Malmberg (Let Me In, Broken City), pick up directly where the original Conan the Barbarian left off, with “Arnold on the throne as a seasoned warrior.” How they plan on explaining the rapid rate at which our hero aged between films was not addressed. Perhaps they will write it off as a byproduct of his decadent lifestyle or an early form of the disease Robin Williams’ character had in Jack.

Chris Morgan (Fast and the Furious, 47 Ronin), who will co-produce with Malmberg, has already crafted a story for the film and is considering writing the script himself. No additional cast members have been announced nor has a director attached himself to the project.

Conan fans, who do you hope helms the film and rounds out the rest of the cast?

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