Arrow: “City of Blood” Promo and Sneak Peak

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While we are still reeling from last week's "Seeing Red", Arrow is moving right along with a new episode this week titled "City of Blood".

I don’t know that reeling is really the right word here. Certainly in the moment it was a wtf move by Slade, but given a little time it feels like perhaps we always knew this was going to happen? If you had read my Arrow reviews on Grizzly Bomb (how’s that for shameless?) you’d know that I adore Susanna Thompson and her character Moira Queen. Outside of Yao Fei and, of course, Felicity Smoak, Moira was one of my favorites on the show.

So when “Seeing Red” ended, there was a moment of shocked confusion. Where does Arrow go from here? What becomes of Oliver and Thea’s relationship? Then of course there is still the matter of Laurel knowing of Oliver’s extra-curricular activities and most importantly, what does Slade mean by there’s one more thing to do?

Im the Arrow Arrow: City of Blood Promo and Sneak Peak

How many people is Oliver going to end up telling he is the Arrow? The number of those still in the dark is dwindling. Soon not a single person in Starling City will be unaware. However, it appears as if plans are being put into motion to turn Laurel from an insufferable annoyance into an actively helpful member of society once again. Are we seeing perhaps the beginnings of a storyline that gives us Black Canary? :fingers crossed:

Perhaps Blood is next on Slade’s list? It’s not hard to imagine him taking out that sword and screaming “You didn’t think to check the time stamp?!?!?!” as he stabs him repeatedly. Oh Sebastian, that was a rookie move.

We want to hear from you! Who do you think is next on Slade’s list? Could it be Sebastian Blood? Someone closer to the Arrow Crew? Perhaps even a member of the Arrow Crew? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on the GEEK Exchange Facebook page!

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