Arrow: Unthinkable – Season Finale Promo, Storyboard, and More!

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The sophomore season of Arrow is coming to a close but not before they hit us with one more, hopefully exceptional, episode.

It is a steep order for a show that was well received in a first season, to return for a second and deliver with as good a product. Somehow Arrow has done just that. There have been a few episodes that have been underwhelming, but as a whole, this second season has been on par with the first and it doesn’t appear as if the producers, cast, or crew are letting up on the gas as we go into the season finale titled “Unthinkable”.

Let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way first. OMG THE FLASH!!!!!! Was that sufficiently fangirlish? I hope so because I’m am pretty excited for this show. After seeing the impressive trailers from Gotham and Constantine, The Flash already has some pretty big shoes to fill. We’ve already seen Grant Gustin as Barry Allen earlier in this Arrow season so the seeing him as actually The Flash has just ratcheted up the anticipation for not only “Unthinkable”, but also the show itself.

The Flash Logo 600x331 Arrow: Unthinkable  Season Finale Promo, Storyboard, and More!

Now, “Unthinkable”. There is a prevailing thought among the Geek Exchange editorial staff that Sara Lance’s time on Arrow is coming to an end. Well at least her role in the Arrow Crew as she will likely continue laying a part in the flashbacks, but as for current Starling City? Methinks she’s going to die. Slade pretty much all but spelled it out when he told Oliver there was one thing left to do after ruthlessly killing Moira and unless he’s going to kill Thea (who would unpack the boxes?!?!?), Sara seems like the most logical choice.

Which is a shame as Caity Lotz has been a delight to watch this season, however, it does mean that Laurel Lance will finally do something besides sit around in her apartment moping. These last few episodes have done wonders for her character which is a trend that will hopefully continue. Laurel as Black Canary in season three? It’s about damn time.

Pretty much everyone involved in Arrow has a decent presence in social media which is one of the best parts of being a TV fan in this day and age. Not only do we have the internet to participate in fandoms stretched worldwide, fans have the ability to interact with their favorite stars and show creators and just get a look behind the scenes that was relatively unheard of just ten years ago.

This social media presence has given us a few gems for “Unthinkable” already. Marc Guggenheim (who, incidentally, is taking over for Brian Wood and writing the X-Men comic starting with the August issue) on occassion will tweet out storyboards from upcoming episodes including this one from the season finale.

So… Bronze Tiger will be making an appearance perhaps? That’s never bad news as Michael Jai White’s character has been woefully absent for quite awhile. As has Kelly Hu’s China White. From the “Unthinkable” trailer we know that Michael Rowe’s Deadshot and Katrina Law’s Nyssa al Ghul will both be showing up for what looks to be like a massive brawl in the streets of Starling City.

Can “Unthinkable” possibly top the season finale of Arrow‘s first season which was regarded by some (me) as one of the best season finales on network TV in years? According to Stephen Amell (Oliver Queen, of course), it just might.

Those are some strong words Mr. Amell, but ones that make the little hairs on the back of my neck stand up. With just hours really between now and the season finale, it’s time to get excited. So gather up your own Arrow Crew and get prepared for the unthinkable (see what I did there?)! Arrow wraps up its second season on Wednesday night at 8/7 central on The CW.

What do you think will happen in the finale? Agree with me that Sara Lance will be no more? Think that will be the impetus behind Laurel becoming Black Canary? And what will happen between Oliver and Felicity? Let us know down in the comments below or on the GEEK Facebook page!

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