Arrow Season Two Promos, Interviews, and More Casting News!

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We are only a little over a month away from the second season of Arrow and things are really picking up in Starling City.

First off, Andrew Kreisberg is saying that while we may not know who is playing Barry Allen now, the wait is not going to be too much longer as they will start filming the first Flash episode on September 30th. However, we do know that DC Comics scariest woman is coming to town.

That’s right, in addition to Isabel Rochev (played by Summer Glau), Amanda Waller will be making an appearance in this season of Arrow! Cynthia Addai-Robinson, likely most well known for her role as Naevia in Spartacus, has been slated to play the spy lady. Her casting reunites her with Manu Bennett, who was her love interest on Spartacus, though though they may not share much time onscreen.

Spartacus Arrow Season Two Promos, Interviews, and More Casting News!

As creator of Suicide Squad, there is a good chance that Waller’s episodes will line up with Bronze Tiger’s, who we mentioned in our last Arrow update will be played by Michael Jai White.

To prepare for the upcoming season, the CW has been putting up interviews with members of the cast talking about their characters, and favorite scenes from the first season. It is always nice to hear an actor’s perspective on the characters they play.

In case you haven’t heard, Stephen Amell’s cousin, Robbie Amell, is also starring in a show on the CW, The Tomorrow People, premiering this fall. Understandably, the network is doing all they can to milk every bit they can out of the family relationship, including a promo for the two shows that plays the two cousins off each other.

Finally, a promo and poster have come online for the new season which give an even better idea of where the show is going after the events of the amazing first season finale. Perhaps the best thing about this new poster is the prominence of the “Arrow Crew” of course being Oliver, Felicity, and Diggle. That trio is fabulous and them being front and center just amps up the excitement for the coming season two.

Arrow Season 2 banner 600x222 Arrow Season Two Promos, Interviews, and More Casting News!


Check out this promo… could that bit of red before China White’s appearance be The Flash himself? October 9th can not get here soon enough!

Stay tuned to GEEK for all your Arrow news!

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