Atari’s Haunted House Reimagined for the iOS

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Modern gamers can revisit an Atari classic as Haunted House finds new life on the iOS.

Haunted House was arguably the very first horror survival game. The 1982 Atari 2600 hit had players searching through a haunted house for three pieces of a broken urn while avoiding bats, spiders, and the resident ghost. The graphics were simple – the main character was nothing more than a pair of eyes in the dark – but the gameplay was challenging and even just a bit scary, in an 8-bit sort of way. It was one of the 2600′s more memorable games, and is often recalled as a player favorite.

Haunted House Atari 2600 600x375 Ataris Haunted House Reimagined for the iOS

Haunted House has already made its rounds in the post-Atari age. The original Haunted House and its purported sequel, Return to Haunted House, found life again on Atari versions of the Flashback retrogaming console line. In 2010, an updated version of Haunted House debuted for the Wii, Windows and Xbox Live Arcade to poor reviews and complaints of monotonous gameplay. But the iOS release is in good hands: Kung Fu Factory, known best for TMNT: Rooftop Run, developed the new Haunted House. Players can take heart in that the initial reviews are generally positive.

haunted house atari cart Ataris Haunted House Reimagined for the iOS

The iOS version is a departure from both the original and the 2010 debacle. The new Haunted House is a free to play endless runner with in-app purchases. The player is a little boy Instead of a pair of disembodied eyes and in addition to the standard scary-game enemies (bats, spiders and wolves) he has to face obstacles and traps. The gameplay, while not particularly intuitive (swiping…so much swiping) is engaging and challenging. The boosts are reminiscent of the original Haunted House, as an urn, scepter and key can be used to advance.

A darker version of Haunted House is slated for PC release later this year.

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