Aubrey Plaza Brings A Little Death to Life After Beth

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Aubrey Plaza stars with Dane DeHaan, John C. Reilly, and Molly Shannon in the newest romzom, Life After Beth.

Plaza, the world’s most adorable straight man, plays title character Beth, whose return to the world of the living goes pretty much how one might imagine. Plaza’s dry sense of comedy is perfectly paired with the off beat tale of a young women with some very loving parents (Reilly and Shannon) who, after her untimely demise, find a way to bring their daughter back. DeHaan plays the dearly departed’s grieving boyfriend who, having lost her once, is willing to put up with quite a lot to spend time with Beth, demonic voice and all.

The film , written by Plaza’s real life boyfriend Jeff Baena, is the I Heart Huckabees co-writer’s directorial debut and premiered at Sundance to strong reviews. Variety called the film “laugh out loud funny,” and complimented DeHaan and Plaza’s “sparking” onscreen chemistry. DeHaan has been called hollyweird’s poster boy while Plaza herself feels that she is often looked at as the poster girl for irony. The pair have shown their burgeoning star status is well deserved.

DeHaan’s previous roles (Chronicle, The Amazing Spider-Man 2) haven’t given him much of a chance to flex his romantic lead muscles, but certainly have shown him as a skilled actor.

Plaza has been working steadily in various quirky comedies since her break out performance in Funny People, and will begin her 7th and final season on NBC’s Parks and Rec. In an interview with Vulture, Plaza voiced her hopes for her character April Ludgate.

“I’ve been saying this for two seasons now: If they don’t put a baby inside of me, I’m going to put one in myself, literally, so that they’re forced to write it on to the show! I declare.”

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Anna Kendrick, Cheryl Hines and Paul Reiser also star in the film, which will open to select theaters August 15.

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