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I'm an X-Men aficionado with a panache for gummy worms, Game of Thrones and graphic tees. May or may not possess mutant weather controlling abilities.

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SDCC 2014: Benedict Cumberbatch Comments on Doctor Strange Rumors

On the first day of SDCC 2014, Benedict Cumberbatch addresses head on the latest Marvel speculation involving his role as the Sorcerer Supreme. It goes without saying, that we can’t get enough of Benedict Cumberbatch here, and like any ...

X-Men: Apocalypse – A GEEK Casting Call

Days of Future Past may have just wrapped up at the box office, but we’re already thinking of the wonderful possibilities X-Men: Apocalypse, the next installment could offer – primarily the cast of the new generation of X-Men. ...

BBC’s Sherlock Season 4 Officially Confirmed

The layover times between each new season of BBC’s Sherlock can be pretty unbearable, but fear not, the British dynamic duo is slated for a one-off episode before season four begins. From one geek to another, I must admit, I’m ...

Hunger Games: District 13 Exists In Latest Mockingjay Teaser

It’s a long way till November, but Mockingjay has already embarked on an infectiously creepy viral campaign centered around a unified Panam. In the first Mockingjay teaser we saw President Snow rallying citizenship and pride from all of ...

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