Brittany Vincent


Fueled by horror, rainbow-sugar-pixel-rushes, and video games, I've been covering various types of media for nearly five years now. Until my dying breath I'll be wielding a BFG made entirely of killer drive and ambition, stamping out stereotypes and passing on the insanity of console wars. Like a fabulous shooter once said, get psyched!

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Bayonetta 2 Dated For October Wii U Release

Bayonetta 2, the follow-up to Platinum Games’ fantastic action hack-and-slash is a Wii U exclusive, and it’s finally hitting store shelves this October. After months and months of agonizing waiting, Bayonetta 2 has been graced with a ...

Donald Duck Strutting His Way Into Disney Infinity 2.0 This Fall

Disney Infinity has seen its fair share of new additions this year, and now the sprightly Disney duck Donald is joining the crew. Last year saw the addition of Sorcerer’s Apprentice Mickey into the Disney Infinity family, and now the ...

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