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Neighbors Blu-ray: A GEEK Review

One of the few big hits of the summer movie season, Neighbors, is out on Blu-ray and we’ve got the lowdown on whether it is a worthy addition to your collection or not. Watching Neighbors in the theater was a fun yet surreal experience. ...

SDCC 2014: The X-Men Cerebro Experience With the Oculus Rift

What do you get when you combine Professor X’s Cerebro and the Oculus Rift? You get a fun experience at Comic-Con that lets you track (or hunt down) mutants in virtual reality – and if you’re as awkward as I was, a video of ...

SDCC 2014: WB Preview Night With The Flash & Constantine

The big highlight of SDCC 2014′s Preview Night was the WB Pilot Showcase, showing off the new CW show The Flash and NBC’s Constantine. The San Diego Comic-Con is always the best place to get the lowdown on the new shows coming out this ...

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