Corey Sienega


I make movies and my partners and I bring you Geek Magazine. I take some very silly things very seriously which is as it should be.

13 Stories by Corey

The Big Melt: Seattle’s First Grilled Cheese Festival

On this Sunday, September 7th, hundreds of hungry, hungry hipsters and assorted sammy connoisseurs will take part in judging the finest that Seattle’s professional and amateur grilled cheese masters have to offer. But in the end, only one ...

Jeffrey Brown: Fatherhood, Faith and The Force

No matter how modern or open-minded, it’s a moment few parents are really prepared for until it happens, and this was perhaps especially true for writer and comic book artist Jeffrey Brown. The shocking exchange with his 6-year-old still ...

2013 Blood List: Is Your Next Favorite Scary Movie on the List?

It’s Halloween and in Hollywood that means it’s time for The Blood List, the fifth annual edition of the 13 best unproduced horror, thriller, and sci-fi scripts of the Halloween-to-Halloween year, voted on by over 100 film executives and ...

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