David E. Williams


Dave is the editor-in-chief of Geek magazine.

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BOOM: Sandia Dropping Science to Disarm Terrorists

A new fertilizer that fizzles in a homemade bomb instead of exploding could save lives around the world. Evildoers have long known that common ammonium nitrate fertilizer can be easily transformed into a cheap and brutally effective explosive to ...

40th Saturn Awards Fly High for Horror, Fantasy and Sci-Fi Creators

The Saturn Awards, an annual honors program, is the best, most honest and heartfelt of its kind. The Academy of Science-Fiction, Fantasy & Horror held the 40th annual awards show on Thursday, June 26, at the Castaway Starlight Ballroom in ...

Black Hole Throwdown: My Magnetic Field is Stronger Than Yours

Analysis of radio waves shows long-neglected magnetic fields have an unexpected presence. Will this undermine the drama behind decades of misinformed sci-fi stories? Black holes have long played an important role in worrying humans to the edge ...


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