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Dave is the editor-in-chief of Geek magazine.

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The next issue of Geek magazine — in print and digital editions — will be available Friday, May 2, 2014. We regret this publishing delay, but you can look forward to our best issue yet. To follow its production progress, keep visiting us here at ...

Asteroid 2014 AA Targeted Earth… This Means War!

With asteroids hurtling through the atmosphere, this marks the first time in 2014 that Earth is pummeled by space rock. No evidence yet of Klendathu origins or top-secret NASA intervention. While you were sleeping off some poor New Years Eve ...

Finding Bigfoot: GEEK Joins the Hunt!

Not quite, but spending a night with the Finding Bigfoot crew hunting the legendary creature was any geek’s dream getaway. “As we walk along, you should make sure to look down the trail behind us every once in a while, because, sometimes, after ...

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