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Jeff Bond is Executive Editor of Geek magazine; he was editor-in-chief of the original Geek Monthly from 2006-2009, and is known for his rugged, self-effacing charm, and for a string of unsolved murders.

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Ultimate Trips: 4 Psychedelic Films You Need to Experience

Some films should only be watched while you’re fully baked. Often being in an altered state is the only way to fully appreciate these ultimate trips. While we at Geek would never condone the use of psychotropic drugs, some movies give you ...

Scott Pettersen is Still Making Incredible Stuff

A few months ago we caused an international web incident by reporting on the work of artist Scott Pettersen, who sculpts and otherwise cobbles together an amazing assortment of 12-inch Blade Runner action figures. Pettersen reproduced likenesses ...

Godzilla Guidelines: 5 Aspects of the Character We Need to See

Tongue firmly in cheek, Geek’s resident kaiju expert lays out his rules. As a lifelong Godzilla fan, I share with my fellow G-fans the relief of seeing images of the new creature to be featured in the forthcoming 2014 American feature film. This ...

USS Paul F. Foster: US Navy’s Self Defense Test Ship

In 1987, an Iraqi jet fighter fired two Exocet missiles at the guided missile frigate USS Stark, damaging the vessel, killing 37 crewmen and injuring 21. The Stark never fired defensive weapons during the incident or even detected the incoming ...

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