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Boom Boom Rooms: Some of the Best Themed Home Theaters Around

Creating home theaters that transport you under the sea or to a galaxy far, far away before the movie even starts… In our ongoing quest to discover the ultimate in geek-It-yourself (or at least dream-It-yourself) home stylings, we began ...

Chronicling Star Trek: Fotonovels Live!

Few TV series have been more fully chronicled in print than Star Trek. Beginning in the mid-1960s with the legendary behind-the-scenes tome “The Making of Star Trek,” hundreds of books have been published to document the creation of every ...

Star Wars – George Lucas, an Independent Mogul

The Star Wars world according to George Lucas. Taken from the Star Wars Summit. Watch the complete uncensored conversation now! The story of George Lucas is a fascinating tale of a man who’s lived life on his own terms. Much like the story of ...

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