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Nikki Griffin is a writer and former actress. She loves Cats, Marvel, Television, Video Games, Fancy Cheese, and all things Joss Whedon.

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Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan’s Second Season Begins Tonight

I spent Saturday morning at the LA Zoo with Dominic Monaghan, host of BBC America’s Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan. Most widely known for playing Hobbit ‘Merry Brandybuck,’ in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, or as ‘Charlie Pace’ on the ...

Journalists Get a Taste of World War Z

Last Thursday, Paramount held a special press event for the DVD/Blu-ray combo pack release of Brad Pitt starer, World War Z. To thematically correspond with the apocalyptic film, this event featured survival training by some of the foremost ...

REVOLUTION: Passion Matters – Billy Burke on Miles Matheson

Billy Burke, who plays Revolution’s unlikely hero, Miles Matheson, describes working in the North Carolina heat by saying, “The humidity makes you feel like you’re in somebody’s pants.” Rather than leading where one might think/hope, this ...

REVOLUTION: Genuine Beauty – Elizabeth Mitchell on Rachel Matheson

Once upon a time, if you Googled the words “geek goddess,” Elizabeth Mitchell was the first subject to pop up, thanks to a 2009 article in EW. The actress laughs about the phone call she received from her father telling her she wasn’t supposed ...

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