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Tabitha Davis is a life long geek and a lover of many fandoms. From Star Wars to the latest Harry Potter buzz she loves it all. She spends her days blasting wamp rats, ridding the house of tribbles and bogarts and showing the world to her two minions.

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Adult Women Making Up A Major Demographic of Video Gamers

Once thought to be in the vast minority, women over the age of 18 have surpassed teenage boys as one of the largest demographics buying video games today. According to a recent study by the Entertainment Software Association, 48% of gamers today ...

Will The FX Ratings Decision Help Save Your Favorite Shows?

The advent of DVR technology and online viewing has changed how we watch television, but the ratings system is only just catching up. In the past, Live+Same day Nielsen ratings, which dictate a shows success, ruled what shows were successful ...

The Future Of Solar Cells Is Becoming Literally Clear

Thanks to Michigan State University’s Richard Lunt and Yimu Zhao, the next wave of solar cells could replace your car and home windows. The new material uses small organic molecules to absorb non-visible wavelengths from ...

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