Tabitha Davis


Tabitha Davis is a life long geek and a lover of many fandoms. From Star Wars to the latest Harry Potter buzz she loves it all. She spends her days blasting wamp rats, ridding the house of tribbles and bogarts and showing the world to her two minions.

130 Stories by Tabitha

Deadpool Gets The Greenlight

Fans of the smart ass anti-hero Deadpool will be happy to hear that the Deadpool stand-alone film is a go. After being teased with leaked test footage, 20th Century Fox gave fans what they wanted with their recent announcement that the project ...

Halloween Haunts To Get Your Blood Pumping

Fall is the season of warm drinks and chilly weather, of storm clouds and pumpkin flavored everything. It is the season of the creepy, the weird, the haunted, and scaring the bejeebers out of each other in celebration of Halloween. In the ...

NASA’s MAVEN Reaches Final Destination

MAVEN has landed! Well, not exactly. After 11 years of development and preperation MAVEN, NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution spacecraft has successfully entered the Martian atmosphere. MAVEN’s “orbital ...

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