Auto-Intoxicated: Rare Affliction Renders Victim Endlessly Buzzed

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Yeast bloom transforms man’s stomach into a genuine beer gut.

A 61-year-old Texas man who constantly appeared drunk despite the fact that he hadn’t touched a drop of alcohol was found to be a walking home brewery.

The phenomenon made the man’s life a living hell because every time he sought help he was dismissed as drunk.

Doctors finally diagnosed the man’s problem as an over-abundance of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a form of yeast used in alcohol fermentation and baking. Investigators suspect that a regimen of antibiotics following foot surgery killed all of the good bacteria in the subject’s digestive tract, allowing the yeast to thrive. As a result, every time he ate carbohydrates such as bread, the yeast would turn it into alcohol, causing him to become drunk from the inside out.

The man was placed on a low-carb diet and prescribed an antifungal medication to eliminate the excess yeast.

“This is a rare syndrome but should be recognized because of the social implications such as loss of job, relationship difficulties, stigma and even possible arrest,” observe investigators in an article published in the International Journal of Clinical Medicine. “It would behoove health care providers to listen more carefully to the intoxicated patient who denies ingesting alcohol.”

The condition is extremely rare, so don’t bother memorizing the details of this story for future excuse use, but you can find out more in the IJCM published account. 

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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