Avengers Assemble to Help Fulfill Terminal Cancer Patient’s Dying Wish

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When super-powered efforts are combined to help someone truly in need by using a simple hashtag, there's irrefutable proof that real heroes do exist, regardless of Mark IV suits, or indestructible shields. These Avengers truly do assemble.

Stratford Caldecott, a terminal cancer patient and larger than life comic book fan, was given the unfortunate news that his life expectancy wouldn’t pass three months. Due to the advanced stage of his prostate cancer, Straford was unable to see Captain America:The Winter Soldier in theaters and was looking forward to its August Blu-ray/DVD release. Knowing that August may be too late for Stratford, his daughter, Sophie, has campaigned for Marvel to gift to her father an early copy of the film as well as stirring a social media tidal wave, asking actors of the Marvel series to tweet a picture to her father using the hashtag #CapforStrat to show their moral support.

To say the mission was a success is a serious understatement. Sophie later wrote:

When we started out on Monday evening, all we wanted to do was to make it possible for my father to see ‘The Winter Soldier’ and maybe to get a few superhero selfies to make him chuckle. In under 48 hours our mission was accomplished, and then … we kind of went viral. 

While Captain America may be the commanding officer of The Avengers, it was Mark Ruffalo, aka The Hulk, who really got things moving along.

Then it really took off with Thor and Iron Man joining the party.

So obviously Captain America and his S.H.I.E.L.D peeps had to hop on board too!

Hawkeye got in on the action via Instagram.

And the world’s most lovable villain gave a shoutout as well.

With all of the Avengers accounted for (with the exception of Black Widow, who’ll probably show some support soon) and a copy of Captain America:The Winter Soldier en route, the Caldecotts have had a remarkable experience all thanks to super heroes, social media and just old fashioned compassion. Sophie posted a heart-warming note on her blog to thank all of those who joined forces with her and her father.

Sophie Avengers Assemble to Help Fulfill Terminal Cancer Patients Dying Wish

Images: Marvel, http://sophiecaldecott.wordpress.com

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