Avi Arad to Produce Metal Gear Solid Film

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Producer Avi Arad’s mission to make film adaptations of video games the new film adaptations of comic books continues. At this week's Metal Gear Solid anniversary event, news broke that he will be putting together a film based on Hideo Kojima’s notoriously complex Metal Gear Solid series of games.

Back in 2007, Mike De Luca, who helped bring The Social Network and Ghost Rider to theaters, aimed to make a Metal Gear Solid film; however, in approximately three years, he officially deemed the project dead. Arad, a co-founder of Marvel Studios, knows a thing or two about successfully bringing a pre-existing property beloved by geeks to film, so hopefully he will fare better than De Luca.

It’d take a heckuva screenwriter to shape the Metal Gear story into something easily understandable that fans of the game would also find appealing. Thankfully, there happens to be an excellent scribe well-versed in the Metal Gear series, Mr. David Hayter. His familiarity with the series comes from the fact that he has provided the voice of the game’s lead character, Solid Snake, for several years now. Let’s see if Hollywood recognizes he’s the right man for the job.

Would would you like to see direct and star in Metal Gear Solid: The Movie?

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