Batkid Begins: A New Documentary About The Boy Who Moved the Nation

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The city of Gotham (San Francisco) needed a hero, and leukemia survivor and sometimes superhero Miles Scott was just the boy to do it.

It seemed that in an age of cynical irony and frightening headlines, the nation, and maybe even the world, needed Batkid. When the 5-year old finished the last of his treatments for the lymphoblastic leukemia he would finally be strong enough to get his wish.

The Make-A Wish Foundation has been making wishes come true for children and families since 1980, but Batkid was something different. When Miles Scott wished to be Batkid, sidekick to his hero Batman, he could never have guessed what his wish would inspire.

20140711202542 Make A Wish 1 Batkid Begins: A New Documentary About The Boy Who Moved the Nation

a crowd of citizens gather to cheer on the hero Batkid as he saves Gotham (San Francisco)

In an effort to gather a few hundred people, the San Francisco Greater Bay Area chapter of the Make-A-Wish Foundation sent out a call via social media and on November 15, 2013 an estimated 25,000 people, some dressed as heroes themselves, helped to stage the most elaborate wish ever granted. President Barack Obama even sent the boy hero a special message.

News of the event went viral as people all over the world tuned in to watch Batkid take on The Riddler, The Penguin, and free the damsel tied to the cable car tracks. 2 billion people took a moment to appreciate the pure joy of a child, and to, in some small way, share in it.

131115 img batkid city hall crowd Batkid Begins: A New Documentary About The Boy Who Moved the Nation

The crowd awaiting Batkid

Award-winning filmmaker Dana Nachman, whose work generally deals with the darker side of humanity, wanted to explore what it was about Batkid that caused such an outpouring of love from so many.

After receiving exclusive access to document the event, Nachman set out to create a documentary that both honored the purity of the event and that sought to understand just what brought out the best of San Francisco. Batkid Begins seeks to discover if it was Miles that needed the people, or the people that needed Batkid.

The documentary is currently in post production, but is still in need of funding to complete the project. Nachman and her award winning team, which includes Hans Zimmer (The Dark Knight),  who created a special song for Batkid, have set up an Indiegogo fund raising page to complete funding. Currently a little more than half way to their 100k goal, the Batkid Begins team visited San Diego Comic-Con in July to get the word out about the documentary.

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Team Batkid Begins

In an effort to pay it forward, any proceeds made from the release of the documentary will go directly to San Francisco charities. Like many other crowd funding sites, donations for Batkid Begins will earn contributors gifts varying from a thankful shout out via social media to your vary own autographed Batkid original.

20140723093712 Batkid Drawing Batkid Begins: A New Documentary About The Boy Who Moved the Nation

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