Bruce Timm Introduces “Batman: Strange Days” for 75th Anniversary

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Batman turns 75 this year, and that's reason to celebrate. Today we do so with Batman: Strange Days.

Last year Superman had a similar birthday and to honor him, Bruce Timm created an animated short looking back on his legacy. Now Timm, the man behind Batman: The Animated Series (the greatest cartoon of all time) is back with another short. This time, rather than an overview of last seven decades like with the big blue boy scout, we get an old school look at an early Bat-adventure. Take a look…

A black and white period piece featuring Bats swooping in to save the girl from the monster and the mad scientist – doesn’t get more 1930s than that. This thing plays out like an old Universal monster movie, with Hugo Strange cast in the part of villain. The aesthetics of the Bob Kane/Bill Finger Batman, with the monster-movie fog added in, and the old school fighter jet – it’s great. I would love a whole series set in this time period, with this animation. Just throwing that out there…

DC All Access also took a minute to talk to Bruce Timm about Batman: Strange Days, so if you’re interested in some of the background stuff, that’s here too.

With the Dark Knight hitting that three-quarters of a century mark, DC has plenty more fanfare planned in the coming months and we’ll try to keep you apprised of it all as it happens.

Images: Warner Bros. Animation

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