Batman: The Complete Television Series Blu-Ray Trailer And November Release

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Warner Bros. has released a teaser trailer for Batman: The Complete Television Series, which will be available this November.

For the first time ever all 120 episodes of the 1960′s Batman TV show will be available on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital Download. The series has been fully remastered in HD and will come with brand new special features that any bat-fan of camp should enjoy.

The show is looking absolutely gorgeous and judging from the teaser trailer, the Blu-ray should deliver on all fronts. Take a look at what Warner Bros. calls their ‘sizzle reel’, which is just another way of saying ‘teaser trailer’. No real details apart from a November release date (no specific day was announced yet) and a look at the remastered footage in HD:

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will officially unveil the details of its highly-anticipated November 2014 release of Batman: The Complete Television Series at a Comic-Con International panel. The panel will feature special guests Adam West (Batman), Burt Ward (Robin) and Julie Newmar (Catwoman) on Thursday, July 24th from 6:00-7:00 pm in Hall H. All further details will be revealed, including an initial look at exclusive bonus content, limited edition packaging, and dazzling remastered footage from the landmark series.

Long-standing differences between 20th Century Fox — who produced the show — and Warner Bros. — who own the rights to the character — kept the series out of circulation for years but were finally put aside, and now we get to revel in the spoils with this new box-set.

batman the complete television series 1960 Batman: The Complete Television Series Blu Ray Trailer And November Release

Of course, this release will not be for every fan of Batman. Many consider the 60′s incarnation the nadir of the franchise (Schumacher still gets my vote) but the series still carries a huge legacy and devout following. If you prefer your Caped Crusader dark, complex and brooding, you might have to look elsewhere. If you embrace all things Batman, you already know you’ll be picking this up in all its HD glory. Batman: The Complete Television Series should prove to be a fantastic Autumn release.

Images: Warner Bros. 20th Century Fox

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