Beetlejuice Making A Comeback After A Quarter Century?

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If you say his name three times he'll return to wreak havoc, at least that was the promise in the 1988 creeptastic comedy Beetlejuice.

Sadly, fans have waited decades for the return of Tim Burton’s Master of Mayhem played masterfully by Micheal Keaton. Way back in 1990 a sequel was in pre production with Winona Ryder, Keaton and director Tim Burton all on board to return. With Keaton and Burton involved in Batman Returns however, the project fell by the wayside. Between 1991 and 1996 several writers were approached to work on re-write of the sequel in which the original characters visit Hawaii, among them Kevin Smith who had this to say

“Didn’t we say all we needed to say in the first Beetlejuice? Must we go tropical?”

In 1997 it was announced the Geffen Film Company still owned the rights to the sequel and the then titled ” Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian” would never be made.

Fans did get the Burton produced animated series, but the dreams of a live action sequel were squashed. Or were they?

Flash forward to 2011. Warner Bros. hired Seth Grahame-Smith to pen a very different sequel, and the Beetlejuice fanverse was all atwitter.

The best news for fans, who adamantly opposed a rehash or reworking of the much loved original cult hit, was that Graham-Smiths intentions were pure. He planed to pen “a story that is worthy of us actually doing this for real, something that is not just about cashing in, is not just about forcing a remake or a reboot down someone’s throat.” Not to mention the fact that he was dead set on having Keaton reprise his role, insisting Warner Bros. not recast. 

Well, here we are in 2013 and we may, at last, see more from the other side. 

On October 18th of this year it was reported that the script is done, and that Tim Burton will direct. Rumors also assure fans that Micheal Keaton is attached to the project and even Winona Ryder has hinted she may well be involved, or at the very least is willing to be. She told the Daily Beast she was ” Kind of sworn to secrecy,” but that it ” sounds like it might be happening.” 

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Yes I love that man of mine

Burton has a long track record of pulling together teams of talented individuals who seem to share and understand his love of the macabre, and this is shaping up to be rather promising in that regard. Seth Grahame-Smith’s book Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is a prime example of his own dark sense of the world. Couple that with Burton’s talent for creating a moving work of art out of a screenplay set against the backdrop of the changed modern world. We’re talking goose bumps here.

Grahame-Smith, who stepped into the very big shoes of long time Burton writer John August in 2012′s Dark Shadows, seems well matched to the job at hand. Will fans revolt in spite of the promise of a very good movie, or will we still be talking about the mythical Beetlejuice sequel years form now? As of now, Tim Burton’s official site has no mention of the project. Here’s hoping.-  Beeetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

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