Belushi Biopic: Miles Teller Reportedly Offered the Role of Dan Aykroyd

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There is lots of buzz over at the Sundance Film Festival. One of the hot topics coming out of this past weekend was star of the John Belushi biopic, Emile Hirsch, making quite a surprise announcement regarding Miles Teller.

Hirsch found a microphone at a party while at the famed film festival and said,

“A shout-out to Miles Teller! We’re going to be working together soon. He’s playing Dan Aykroyd in the Belushi movie.”

But really, there’s no official word from Teller’s camp aside from Hirsch taking a mic and telling a crowd of people the news. No, really he apparently thought a party where tons of media could overhear this news was the best place to make this known. His taking the moment to just announce it still shouldn’t be taken lightly – he is, after all, playing John Belushi. It is known that Teller has been offered the role, but the Spectacular Now actor hasn’t confirmed this casting and likely will not commit to the role officially until he is done with his current project That Awkward Moment which hits theaters later this month.

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Miles Teller in That Awkward Moment

The Steve Conrad helmed Belushi picture has been in pre-production for some time and already has made the interesting choice of having Hirsch play the tragic funnyman. Miles Teller is another surprising choice but the two young actors have proven their skills in lighthearted and dramatic indies respectively. The relationship between Belushi and Aykroyd is crucial to the story to be told as both comedic icons literally were attached at the hip for so much of their careers from SNL to their solidification as household names in The Blues Brothers. If Hirsch’s announcement is an indication of anything, it’s that the two hit it off as the pair they could be set to play. So that’s a good thing for the movie, Hirsch having that confidence in the chemistry both actors share is important.

Let’s just hope Teller signs on.

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