GEEK’s Best of 2013: Biggest Moments of the Year

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2013 has been an epic year for the Geek. So much so that it is a bit difficult to narrow down the moments to include in this best of 2013, but we've given it a shot.

Geekery has filled every corner of the multiverse from cinematic box office hits to endless Game of Thrones memes. So to pay homage to the geek antics of 2013 we’ve traveled back in the T.A.R.D.I.S. to present to you the best geek moments of this year.

Keep in mind there may be SPOILERS below, so fair warning!

Kleenex Moment of The Year :The Red Wedding

game of thrones red wedding 600x297 GEEKs Best of 2013: Biggest Moments of the Year

Just when we think things are safe, or at least consistent, in the world of Westeros – in plays the tune “The Rains of Castamere”. By far the most heart wrenching, stomach dropping scene, we see what begins as a joyous occasion end in tragedy and betrayal. And one of the best performances of the season from Michelle Fairley’s Caitlyin Stark.  And if you didn’t mourn for Grey Wind, you have no soul.

Best Voice Over: Smaug

smaug the hobbit copy 600x262 GEEKs Best of 2013: Biggest Moments of the Year

Dragons are the in-thing this year (Khaleesi sent the memo). So it should come as no surprise that Benedict Cumberbatch’s portrayal of the treasure hoarding dragon was one of the most anticipated villainous arrivals of the year. I’ll keep this spoiler-free, but to say Cumberbatch delivered would be a grievous understatement.  I can still hear him coo sinisterly, “Don’t be shy, step into the light!”

Most Superpowered Birthday

75 years 600x450 GEEKs Best of 2013: Biggest Moments of the Year

This year marked paramount anniversaries for comic heavy weights such as Superman, The Avengers and the X-Men. The Man of Steel film heralded the 75th anniversary of America’s first superhero, while The Avengers and X-Men both made 50 this year.  Granted, none of these caped crusaders look a day over 30 (well, with the exception of Magneto. Sorry Mags), all three have been give celebratory anniversary comic titles and some well needed costume upgrades for their respective birthdays.

The Villain You Thought You Couldn’t Possibly Hate More: The Governor

walking dead 0 600x423 GEEKs Best of 2013: Biggest Moments of the Year

There’s about two villains in life that should burn together in Hades: Scar from The Lion King and The Governor from AMC’s The Walking Dead. I’m usually a champion for villains. Often times they’re misunderstood and scrutinized for simply being different. But The Governor is a different breed of villain. A villain that’s skilled in manipulation and gaining the trust of his people is what makes him so dangerous. This year we witnessed his return to AMC’s Zombie-fest, The Walking Dead, and true to fashion he evokes more screaming and flipping off the television screen than he did before.

Best Family Feud: X-Men Battle of The Atom

x men battle of the atom 600x337 GEEKs Best of 2013: Biggest Moments of the Year

The best way to celebrate your 50th anniversary is to have an all out brawl with the super-powered future and past iterations of yourself, right?  Welp, such is so in Marvel’s crossover event of the year, where we see the original five X-Men catapulted into the present day, only to exchange blows with the newly formed radical brotherhood of mutants and the X-Men clan from the future (that includes Mystique and Wolverine’s creepy love child and Professor X’s grandson. Yikes!)

Best Family Reunion: Doctor Who Anniversary Special

Doctor Who The 50th Anniversary Wallpaper doctor who 35308700 1920 1080 600x337 GEEKs Best of 2013: Biggest Moments of the Year

Just what the Doctor ordered. See what I did there? There’s barely a group of fans that are as passionate as the Whovian fan base. So imagine the delight when the 50th celebratory anniversary episode aired featuring all of the Time Lords who’ve appeared as the Doctor on screen.

Most Passionate Geek Web Response: Superman vs. Batman

BM GEEKs Best of 2013: Biggest Moments of the Year

There’s one movie with its announcement that unleashed a wildfire of overly critical geek responses it’s Zack Snyder’s upcoming Superman vs. Batman project. The title alone was one that caused a stir in the geek community, but then came the announcements of Ben Affleck as Batman and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, and lets just say geek nation was up in arms. Debates have raged across the web as to whether or not these actors can live up to the mantle of some DC’s greatest. I suppose only time will tell, meanwhile lets give these guys a chance and wait till we actually see some footage.

Best New Tech Alert: X-Box One/PS4

PS4 600x335 GEEKs Best of 2013: Biggest Moments of the Year

It’s been way overdue since we’ve been treated to new toys and this year we got two! With the arrival of Microsoft’s XBox One and Sony’s PS4, the world of gaming has been quickly revolutionized with new features such as play as you download, remote play, faster customizable processors and high fidelity graphics up the wazoo! Lego Marvel Super Heroes, anyone?

The Last Goodbye: Breaking Bad

rEME 600x450 GEEKs Best of 2013: Biggest Moments of the Year

Wrapping up it’s explosive fifth and final season this summer, Breaking Bad was the show to beat on TV. Chemistry is the scientific study of matter and change, taking a somewhat beloved and docile Walter White and evolving him into one of the most dark and compromised characters on the silver screen.  Heisenberg blue will always be a thing, Jesse Pinkman’s “science b*tch!” will forever be a memorable quote, Flynn will always be associated with breakfast.  And remember, if you’re ever in trouble – better call Saul.

Villains Get The Love They Deserve

Maleficent 600x281 GEEKs Best of 2013: Biggest Moments of the Year

Disney released the heavily anticipated trailer for Malifcent‘s eponymous film – making this the first  POV villain Disney film ever. With Angelina helming the world’s most nefarious horns, we have no doubt here at Geek, that maleficent will be the darker Disney film we’ve always wanted.

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