Beware The Batman Dropped From Cartoon Network’s Schedule

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Even though it’s only been part of Cartoon Network's morning schedule since July, Beware the Batman has been removed from the network's line-up.

The Cartoon Network stated “Currently, Beware the Batman is no longer on our air. DC Nation will continue on Saturday mornings at 10/9c with new exclusive shorts and a full hour of encore episodes of “Teen Titans Go!”

Beware the Batman was not performing as well as Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and Cartoon Network has demonstrated a downtick in action programming. Popular opinion is that the show’s lack of compelling big name villains might have contributed to its poor reception. Of course, there were the “die hard” Bruce Timm fans who will swear that Batman: The Animated Series is the greatest thing ever and won’t be satisfied by anything less than “Total Timm” if you will. Others have indicated that the show wasn’t “selling enough toys.” The truth is most likely a combination of all of the above.

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Beware the Batman premiere only drew in 1.12 million viewers, compared to a random episode of the earlier Batman cartoon, “The Brave and the Bold”, which had an audience of 1.87 million.

Anthony Ruivivar, who voices Bruce Wayne/Batman, took to Twitter to say that the show might return in January. This move does not bode well for BTB, as previous DC Nation series Green Lantern: The Animated Series and Young Justice were both pulled and eventually cancelled, despite claims of the shows returning.

Time will tell if the same awaits Beware the Batman, but it certainly casts a dark shadow on any future action-oriented DC series.

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