Beware The Batman Heads to Cartoon Network’s Toonami

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While cancellation rumors still persist, Beware the Batman is slated to air the full first season on Cartoon Network's Toonami.

This is good news to fans of the Glen Murukami-produced Beware the Batman, which premiered on Cartoon Network’s DC Nation programming block. It was the newest offering in a long line of Batman animated series that took the hero to one of the few remaining unexplored moments in the animated universe – the beginning of Bruce Wayne’s time as Batman.

This new look at the Batman brought us interesting takes on old characters, including a younger and more hands on Alfred, as well as Bruce Wayne’s bodyguard and eventual partner to Batman, Katana. Beware the Batman also explored some of the more unknown villains of Gotham like Magpie, Professor Pyg, and Anarky, to name a few.

Beware The Batman Returns to Cartoon Networks Toonami 600x369 Beware The Batman Heads to Cartoon Networks Toonami

The series was removed from Cartoon Network’s schedule after airing only 11 of its 26 episodes, with no return set for the series. Fans were left wondering if the series had been cancelled or if we would ever see the rest of the season, until it was revealed that Cartoon Network would be airing the full season on Toonami.

This marks a considerable timeslot change for the series, moving from Saturday mornings to Toonami’s late night programming, returning to air on May 10th, 2014, at 3 am. This continues the latest trend by Cartoon Network, who seem to be shifting away from drama or action heavy animated series, which kind of leaves DC Nation in limbo.

DC Nation also previously aired Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series, both of which experienced similar problems before being cancelled. DC Nation itself is in a precarious position on the network, with only Teen Titans Go! remaining. While that series certainly has its fans, it pales in comparison to other DC animated series, most notably Young Justice.

the 20 best superhero animated series part iv young justice Beware The Batman Heads to Cartoon Networks Toonami

So where does that leave DC animated series in the future? Certainly not on Cartoon Network, unless DC Entertainment plans to forego their unique form of animated storytelling that has entertained all ages for decades. Beware the Batman was an interesting series that may find an audience on Toonami, but is more than likely going to end in the same place that Young Justice and Green Lantern: TAS did – cancelled with fans wanting more of anything but Teen Titans Go!

What do you think of Beware the Batman‘s move to Toonami? Are you excited to see the rest of the season? Do you agree with Cartoon Network’s shift away from more serious programming? Let us know in the comments section below!

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