Big Hero 6 Trailer and Poster are Here!

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After a teaser yesterday, the first Big Hero 6 trailer has arrived!

Not much on substance, but we do get to meet Hiro and his creation, Baymax. Check out the Big Hero 6 trailer below!

I’ll go on record here – I actually hate trailers like this. Disney and Pixar have hopped aboard this train of thought when it comes to trailers and no matter how many times they do it, I’m not a believer. A trailer is supposed to give you a broad look at the movie. Obviously you don’t want to give too much away, but introduce some elements, tease the characters, sometimes give hints to a storyline – that’s a trailer.

To play out an entire scene, no matter how cute it is, is just annoying. Especially since these scenes shown in Disney/Pixar trailers are often not even a part of the finished film. It’s apples and oranges as far as genres, but if you compare this first Big Hero 6 trailer to the first Dawn of the Planet of the Apes trailer and, well it’s apples and oranges. One builds excitement and intrigue, the other one elicits feelings of “oh, well that’s cute.” And before anyone rustles up their pitchforks, I’m fully aware that this is a children’s movie. Doesn’t mean it can’t have a decent trailer.

All that being said, this first look at Big Hero 6 is cute. Watching Hiro try to shove Baymax into what looks to be a suit that Tony Stark would be proud of is entertaining. However, seeing Baymax try and catch the soccer ball might be the best part. Plus, getting a look at the young HIro’s workspace is interesting. The skateboard sitting among the high tech equipment (Back to the Future anyone?) is a nice little juxtaposition. And seriously, how Tony Stark-ish is this move?

Big Hero 6 Tony Stark Big Hero 6 Trailer and Poster are Here!

Very nice.

As much as I dislike the style used for the trailer, I love the Big Hero 6 poster released this week.

Big Hero 6 Poster 600x889 Big Hero 6 Trailer and Poster are Here!

No floating heads, no orange and teal color combo, no hero standing on top of hill… but oddly enough you know what else isn’t there? No mention of Marvel. Not even in the title, which I’m sort of relieved about after 18 months of typing out “Marvel’s Agent’s of S.H.I.E.L.D.“, but still is a bit of a mystery as to why not even a scant mention either on the poster or in the trailer. However, they do make a point of letting you know that Frozen is somehow related. Can’t imagine why that is.

There’s a chance we’ll never find out why Disney decided to not mention Marvel in their early marketing for Big Hero 6, but hopefully it won’t be long before we learn more about Big Hero 6 itself. With a release date of November 7, there is still plenty of time, but surely we’ll get a cast announcement here in the next few months. We here at Geek will keep our ears to the ground and keep you up to date on all the Big Hero 6 news!

What say you geeks? Are you a fan of Disney’s first trailers? Excited to see more of Big Hero 6? Puzzled why there is no mention of Marvel? Let us know in the comments below or, as usual, on the Geek Exchange Facebook page!

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